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The First in Bag Medication Module contains a wide range of Demo Dose® simulated medications that help students to learn the correct way to administer medications. With Demo Dose, students no longer need to pretend that the medication containers are not sealed correctly or that they are not expired.
Since Demo Dose contains water, cleaning up after scenarios is simplified, with no medication needing to be flushed from task-trainers. The medication module contains at least one if not all of the medications listed for each class of medication for the First in Bag listed on the NREMT Advanced Level Psychomotor Examination Equipment List (nremt.org). The medication module contains all of the medications listed in the "Ambulance," except a cyanide antidote, which was only recently added to the Demo Dose formulary.
  • Demo Dose® Glucagn Kit
  • DuoDate® Auto Injetor Trainer
  • Demo Dose Sodim Bicrb 8.4%, 50 mL
  • (2) Demo Dose 50% Dextros Simulated Code Drug, 50 mL
  • Demo Dose Nitr Spray
  • Demo Dose Bottle of Aspirn
  • Insta Glucose Gel
  • EpiPen Trainer
  • (2) MAD Nasal Intranasal Mucosal Atomization Devices without Syringe
  • Demo Dose Calcim Chlorid 10 mL Syringe
  • Demo Dose Naxolon Hydrochlorid Narcn
  • (3) Demo Dose Lidocain 5 mL Syringe
  • (3) Demo Dose Amiodaron Cordaron
  • (3) Demo Dose Diltiazm Cardizm
  • (4) Demo Dose Ketorolc Tromethamin Toradl
  • Demo Dose DiphenhydrAMIN Benadrl
  • (2) Demo Dose Ondasetrn Zofrn
  • Demo Dose Dexamethasn Sodim Phospht (Decadrn)
  • Demo Dose FantaNL Citrat Actq
  • Demo Dose Morphin Sulfat
  • Demo Dose Midazolm Versd
  • (2) Demo Dose Haloperidl
  • (2) Demo Dose Epinephrin Ampule
  • (2) Demo Dose Diazepm Valim
  • Demo Dose Ketamin (Ketalr)
  • Demo Dose Narcn
  • Demo Dose Intropn DOPamin HCl
  • Demo Dose Magnesim Sulfat 50%
  • Demo Dose Adenocrd 2 mL
  • (2) Demo Dose Adenocrd 4 mL
  • Demo Dose Simulated Albuterol Sulfate 0.0083%
  • Demo Dose Simulated Albuterol Sulfate/Ipratropium Bromide
  • Demo Dose Simulated Ipratropium Bromide 0.02%
  • (3) Demo Dose Atropin Simulated Code Drug
  • (3) Demo Dose EPINEPHrin Adrenaln 10 mL Syringe

*Contents of First in Bag Modules are subject to change without notice.
** Please note, because of the modular nature of this solution, expect longer lead times when ordering. Shipping could take up to 6 or 8 weeks.
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