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Demo Dose® Med Kit includes the simulated versions of core medications needed to educate paramedics. Practicing with this realistic Demo Dose® Med Kit will reduce medication errors and improve medication administration. This kit is an easy way to organize and administer simulated medications, resulting in fast turnaround times. The Demo Dose® Kit medications have the same administration system used in the field and provide realism value for your educational solutions.
  • Comprehensive library of 105 EMS simulations covers the entire EMS curriculum
  • Can be used in EMT, advanced EMT or paramedic courses
  • Can be used in initial or refresher EMS training
  • Written by experienced EMS educators
  • Based on actual EMS calls
  • One-page, color-coded format for quick scanning and information retrieval by instructors
  • Complete patient information, including detailed patient history and head-to-toe findings
  • Suggested treatments for both BLS and ALS providers
  • Simple Improvement/Deterioration decision tree allows instructor to respond to the dynamics of student performance
  • Detailed instructor notes include BLS and ALS simulation objectives, discussion questions, and key medical points
  • Moulage instructions and equipment lists allow for fast set-up
  • Can be used with simulators, standardized patients, or as case studies
  • Software to upload each simulation into SMART STAT simulator
  • Demo Dose® Dopamin Labels 10 mL Vial
  • Demo Dose® Calcm Chlr Simulated Code Drug
  • Demo Dose® Glucagn Kit 1 mg; 1 unit
  • Demo Dose® Adenocrd 6 mg/2 mL; 3 mg/mL
  • Demo Dose® Adenocrd 12 mg/4 mL; 3 mg/mL
  • Demo Dose® Lidocain Simulated Code Drug
  • Demo Dose® Simulated Code Drug Set #2 - Includes: Epinephrn, Atropin, Lidocain, Sodium Bicarb, Dextros, Calcm Chl, Vasoprssn, Amiodron, and Furosmide
  • EpiPen Trainer
  • Demo Dose® Narcn 10 mL MDV, 0.4 mg/mL
  • Demo Dose® Magnesm Sulfte Injection 2 mL
  • Demo Dose® Magnesm Sulfte Injection 10 mL
  • Demo Dose® Amidat Etomidate Injection 10 mL
  • Demo Dose® Succinyl Choline Injection 20 mL
  • Demo Dose® Rocuronum Bromide Injection 10 mL
  • Demo Dose® Morphin 1 mL Vial; 10 mg/mL
  • Demo Dose® Midazolam
  • Demo Dose® Decadrn Labels Amber Mini Vial
  • Demo Dose® Phenergn Labels Amber Ampule
  • Demo Dose® Pitocn (Oxytocin Injection) 1 mL
  • Non-Rebreather Mask with Safety Vent; Adult and Pediatric
  • Face Mask Adult Medium Concentration
  • Nebulizer with Elongated Adult or Pediatric Aerosol Mask and Tubing
  • Demo Dose® 50% Dextros Simulated Code Drug
  • Demo Dose® Sodium BiCarb Simulated Code Drug
  • Demo Dose® Sodium BiCarb 8.4% Pediatric 10 mL
  • Demo Dose® Acti Char 25 g Simulated Poison Absorbent
  • Demo Dose® (ASA) Asprin 81 mg
  • Demo Dose Simulated Code Drug Set #1, includes: Demo Dose® Epinephrn 10 mL syringe; Demo Dose® Atropin 10 mL syringe; Demo Dose® Lidocain 5 mL syringe; Demo Dose® Sodium Bicarb 50 mL syringe; Demo Dose® Dextros 50 mL syringe; Demo Dose® Calcm Chlr 10 mL syringe
  • Demo Dose® Furosmide 20 mg; 10 mg/mL
  • Demo Dose® Simulated Ipratropium Bromide 0.02%
  • Demo Dose® Simulated Albuterol Sulfate 0.083%
  • Demo Dose® Nitr Ointment 2% 30 g
  • Demo Dose® Nitr Oint Application Papers
  • Demo Dose® Nitr Spray Simulated 400 mcg/spray
  • Demo Dose® Nitr Drip 250 mL
  • Demo Dose® Solu-Medrl 125 mg/2 mL
  • Transportable Sharps Container 1 Qt.
  • (3) 4" x 3" Fabric Strips
  • Alcohol Prep Pads Medium
  • Alcohol Prep Pads Large
  • Demo Dose® 0.9% NaCl IV Fluid
  • Demo Dose® 5% Dextrose IV Fluid
  • Baxter Interlink Continue-Flo Primary Set 10 gtt/mL
  • B.Braun Mini-Drip IV Administration Set 66" 60 gtt/mL
  • Demo Dose® Fentynl 50 mcg/hr Transdermal Patch System, Pack of 10

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