KbPort™ Pharmacy Tech Training Level One

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Pharmacy technology learners have embarked on a journey to become a part of one of the fastest growing health care fields. Pharmacy technicians are the backbone of the pharmaceutical field, with more and more budding roles and responsibilities. Adding more obligations to an already challenging workload may seem daunting, but will lead to increased competence and better patient care.

Some of these responsibilities include managing inventory, medication distribution, quality control, and patient education. Working directly with patients to provide medication information and answer questions creates a need for more extensive hands-on training, which KbPort™ Pharmacy Tech Lesson Plans will walk you through.

As the roles of pharmacy technicians continue to evolve, it becomes increasingly important for educational programs to further challenge learners and provide them with the hands-on practice necessary for their success. Pharmacy Tech Lesson Plans will help you instruct learners in gaining the skills and practice needed in order to fulfill future tasks as pharmacy technicians through various teaching methods, including hands-on training, and activities.

Through these Pharmacy Tech Lesson Plans learners should be prepared to become highly skilled pharmacy technicians, improving patient outcomes.

Objective 1.1: Prepare an Inventory Report
Objective 1.2: Verify Correct Inventory per Pocket Utilizing Barcode Scanner
Objective 1.3: Prepare a CII Controlled Substance Report
Objective 1.4: Prepare a High Alert Inventory Report
Objective 1.5: Prepare an Emergency Items Inventory Report
Objective 1.6: Prepare an Empty Locations Report
Objective 1.7: Inventory Report for Medications Requiring Par Level Changes
Objective 1.8: Prepare a User Log to Find Discrepancies
Objective 1.9: Assign and Load Medications per Nursing Floor Requests
Objective 1.10: Increase the Par Level of Emergency Medications
Objective 1.11: Replenish Medications that are Below Par Level
Objective 1.12: Interpret Message to Remove Recalled Medications
Objective 1.13: Remove Recalled Medications for Destruction
Objective 1.14: Prepare an Unused (30 Days) Inventory Report
Objective 1.15: Repackage Medications Prepared from Bulk to Stock Cabinet


  • Works with KbPort™ hardware:
    • SimCabRx™ Pharmacy line
  • Works with KbPort™ software:
    • MedsManager™
    • SimEMR® or MedSkills™
  • Highly readable format
  • Content written by a leading expert in the field
  • Workbook contains:
    • Lab introductions
    • Instructor directions
    • Pharmacy Tech competencies addressed
    • Terms and definitions
    • Learner objectives and instructions
    • Safety precautions, notes, and lab tips
    • Activities
    • Evaluation rubrics
    • Suggested references
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UNSPSC Category 60103926
Harmonization Code 4901.99.00.50
Mfg# TRPTTL1-01
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