11-81-8001 KbPort™ ETC FusionHD™ for Simpad® PLUS

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Simple Tools to Enhance Simulation

ETC FusionHD™ makes it easy to capture data from Laerdal® SimPad PLUS-compatible manikins live, in real time, without the need to import files before debriefing. ETC FusionHD™ is a web-based recorder with live video streaming and instantaneous debriefing from anywhere.

The newly redesigned interface is easy to manage and navigate. Collapsible menus and expandable video inputs make the interface customizable to user preferences. The redesigned file library allows for easy navigation through saved videos. ETC FusionHD™ records in high definition, resulting in crisp images for detailed video debriefing.

  • Record live, in real time
  • Enriches learning experience
  • User friendly
  • Clickable events
  • Clear usable interface
  • Customizable
  • Cross-platform compatible
  • Windows®, Android®, Mac®
  • Realistic
  • Connects all parts of the simulated environment

SimPad® PLUS Integration

SimPad® PLUS, an operating device used to control Laerdal manikins and simulators, can be used with task trainers and standardized patients. It allows instructors, new or experienced, to deliver highly-effective simulation-based training.

Use SimPad® PLUS in either manual or automatic made to control simulations. Enhance clinical realism by programming and controlling SP or manikin vital signs and physiological parameters.

ETC FusionHD™ captures manikin data from SimPad® PLUS automatically, eliminating the need to import files afterward. Debrief simulations with ease with the help of flags, custom events, HD video, and more. Save time and valuable energy that can be used to better instruct and inform learners, improving education and lives of future patients.

Context of Patient Care

ETC FusionHD™ for SimPad® PLUS creates a more valuable simulation experience by fusing audio and video with data generated from other simulation devices, thus creating a context of patient care.

The power to practice safely in a simulated environment allows learners to gain crucial life-saving skills at no risk to patients. The integration of problemsolving abilities and simulation practice helps learners achieve the utmost competence to continue to improve the lives of patients, and reduce medical errors throughout their careers.

Overcomplicated systems lead to additional maintenance and operating costs. With Simplicity™ Solutions enjoy all the functionality and power, without the burdens.

Audio: ETC FusionHD™ for SimPad® PLUS captures superior audio from the built in speaker from the Logitech Camera.

Video: ETC FusionHD™ can accommodate up to six video feeds, including high definition cameras for crisp and detailed video debriefing.

Simulation Devices: Collect data from various simulation devices, such as the SimCartRx™ and SimCabRx™ lines, as well as BioFusion™ sensors for the most complete and versatile learning experience.

Manikin Integration : Integrate in real time with Laerdal® SimPad® PLUS compatible manikins.

  • Records live, in real time
  • Enriches learning experience
  • User friendly
  • Clickable events
  • Clear user interface
  • Customizable
  • Cross-platform compatible
  • Windows, Android, Mac
  • Realistic
  • Connects all parts of the simulated environment

ETC FusionHD™ for SimPad® PLUS INCLUDES:
  • ETC FusionHD™ for SimPad® PLUS
  • 1 Wired Logitech HD Camera
  • 1 Wireless/Wired Axis Camera
  • 2 Professional Camera Clamps
  • 1 USB Extension Cable
  • SimPad PLUS® sold separately; Pocket Nurse# 11-81-4301

  • SimJunior®
  • SimBaby™
  • SimNewB®
  • Nursing Kid
  • Mega Code Kid
  • MegaCodeKelly
  • Nursing Baby
  • Resusci Anne®
  • SimMAN® ALS
  • Nursing Kelly
  • Nursing Anne®
  • Nursing Anne® Simulator
  • Resusci Anne® Advanced Skill Trainer

  • SimPad PLUS Pocket Nurse Item #11-81-4301
  • Link Box PLUS Pocket Nurse Item #11-07-2043
  • Hard Cover Carry Case Pocket Nurse Item #11-81-8001
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Part Number 11-81-8001
Country of Origin CN
UNSPSC Category 42301502
Harmonization Code 9023.00.00.00
Mfg# EFHSPP-01
Warranty 1 Year Warranty
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