12-81-1500 Gaumard 5-Year Old Multipurpose Patient Simulator - Light

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  • Soft, Lifelike Face Skin with Molded Hair
  • Eyes Open and Close in Realistic Eye Sockets
  • Articulating Head, Jaw, Arms and Legs
  • Jointed Elbow, Wrist, Knees and Ankles
  • Realistic Hands, Feet, Fingers and Toes
  • Soft Upper Body Skin Over Realistic Molded Internal Organs
  • Detachable at Waist for Easy Storage
  • Bathing and Bandaging Activity
  • Place Nasal and Oral Gastric Tubes
  • Lavage/Gavage G-Tube Placement Stomas
  • Male and Female Catheterization
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