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09-98-1002 - Virtual Education System - Nursing, 1-199 Subscriptions

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09-98-1002 - Virtual Education System - Nursing, 1-199 Subscriptions

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VRpatients-Nursing is a virtual reality training platform for Nursing. The platform immerses the user in a highly realistic environment where users interact with virtual patients. The user's cognitive decision-making while interacting with a virtual-patient, is measured and evaluated in real time.
The training provider can use the platform's highly intuitive interface to both customize the content to fit their school or department's practices, as well as create their own training cases without any prior knowledge or experience in programming or virtual reality.
Comprised of 48 patient cases, 6 avatars, and 8 environments - the platform allows for a diverse demonstration of different types of patient scenarios. The system can be deployed via the web, mobile, and in virtual reality.
Students can access the patient cases through any learning management system currently available on the market. The student would simply copy the link associated with each case, and incorporate it into an existing course as a multimedia activity. The patient cases will play like a YouTube video would.
An API allows for the student's score to be recorded directly to the student's grade book. The user can go through each case as many times necessary to pass the case. At the end of each case the user is given access to a debriefing.
The debriefing not only documents what decisions were made, but also at how long a decision took to be made. Each decision is logged in chronological order. Additionally, the debriefing has a second section that illustrates what the user should have done to manage the case appropriately.
VRPatients a system that allows the user to manage difficult patient cases autonomously, be assessed on an individual's ability to manage difficult patient cases in an objective way; and allows for less trainer interaction. The user loads each case on their own, and in turn reduces the number of hours that the trainer has to spend with each student. Students are taught autonomously by going through each patient case on their own.
Program works with VR Training Equipment which is sold seperatley (Pocket Nurse #09-79-1001)
Please contact a Sales Representative for information on subsciptions and services.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Virtual Education Systems
Part Number 09-98-1002
Country of Origin US
UNSPSC Category 42301507
Harmonization Code 4901.99.00.99
Mfg# 09-98-1002