Thinman Sequential Anatomy Chart

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  • Detailing human anatomy in a way no chart or torso can duplicate, the Thin Man is a near life-size full-color rendition of the human body that, by means of a sequence of transparent Mylar overlays, allows the peeling away of layer after layer of tissue, progressing ever more deeply into the body. This provides extremely valuable insight into the three-dimensional spatial relationships of principal structures, major vessels, and organ systems. Displayed on the back of the chart is a full-figure view of the skeletal and nervous systems.
  • Each level of the sequential dissection highlights the following features:
  • First layer: Musculature of head, neck, thorax, and abdomen, with superficial muscles on the right side of the figure; deeper muscles and ribs on the left. (30) structures keyed and labeled.
  • Second layer: Brain, thyroid and salivary glands, eye, tongue, teeth, heart and major vessels, lungs, stomach, liver, and intestines. (44) structures keyed and labeled.
  • Third layer: Sinuses, nasal septum, tongue, trachea, heart chambers and vessels, pancreas, spleen, large intestine. (58) structures keyed and labeled.
  • Fourth layer: Esophagus, pleura, aorta, inferior vena cava, intercostal vessels and nerves, autonomic nerve trunk, kidneys, and adrenal glands. (27) structures keyed and labeled.
  • Fifth layer: (full figure): Brain, pharynx, vertebral column, rib cage, muscles of upper and lower extremities, pelvic organs, and muscles. (77) structures keyed and labeled.
  • In all, well over 200 anatomical features are named, indexed, and keyed. Standing 63 inches (160 cm) tall, the Thin Man is mounted on a warp-proof composition board, and is supported by a tubular steel frame on a tip-proof four-legged stand.
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