11-81-0100 Little Anne QCPR Manikin

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Little Anne will now come with feedback technology to help you improve CPR quality, training efficiency and learner engagement.
  • Real-time feedback on compressions and ventilations
  • A summary with an overall score and improvement suggestion
  • Details on compression release, depth and rate, ventilation volume, number of compressions/ventilations/cycles
  • Free download of Instructor App and Learner App on App Store (Learner App also available on Google Play)
  • Shows live and summative feedback of CPR performance
  • Results are save in the app
  • Manikin - Dark skin tone
  • 2 manikin faces
  • 2 airways
  • 6 manikin wipes
  • Jacket for manikin
  • Soft pack carrying case/training mat
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