11-81-3102 STAT Transport Simulation System

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Simulaids STAT Manikin with Deluxe Airway Management Head
  • Practice a full range of skills on this life-size (6-ft.) manikin (NREMT)
    • Standard ALS components of ECG rhythm recognition and defibrillation, airway maintenance, IV arm, and CPR features are augmented with these features:
    • Automatic cardioversion upon defibrillation
    • 17 rhythms
    • Pacing
    • Upper teeth break out with laryngoscope
    • Tongue edema and laryngospasm
    • Cricothyrotomy
    • Combitube®, L.M.A., L.T., O.P.A., N.P.A., and E.T. devices work
    • Bilateral chest decompression sites
    • Bilateral chest tube insertion sites
    • 12 pulse points (6 pairs) with 3 zones used to demonstrate BP loss
    • Venous access from dorsal hand to upper arm with all major veins
    • Practice sharps control, sterile technique, securing, titrating, and phlebotomy
  • Head features include anatomical landmarks, tongue edema, laryngospasm, cricothyrotomy, and bilateral carotid pulses
  • Comes assembled (except knee joints) in hard carry case with wheels
  • Also comes with replacement parts, sweat suit, instructions, and accessories
  • Purchase of a defibrillation training cable is highly recommended to make your hands-free pads training safer, cleaner, and more economical

Simulation System SimVS Pre-hospital Transport with Ventisim

  • An economical platform for realistic simulation in different settings such as hospital, pre-hospital, and respiratory therapy
  • Use across multiple settings with both live patients and manikins
  • Instructors tablet controls the physiological displays of 3 types of monitor interfaces: defibrillator, hospital monitor, and mechanical defibrillator
  • 2-way wireless communication allows instructors to monitor student decisions during simulation
  • Built-in checklists allow performance capture for structured debriefing
  • Instructors can control up to 10 tablets at the same time
  • High-resolution display
  • Built-in validated scenario library for many disciplines allows efficient use of faculty time
  • Scenario system meets National Registry requirements, including software and hard copy

Easy to Use
  • Devices automatically connect
  • Easily navigate through programmed or on-the-fly scenarios
  • Wide control over physiology transitions
Scenario Flexibility
  • Comprehensive scenario library for nursing, EMS, and respiratory therapy
  • Easy-to-use scenario editor allows rapid creation of new scenarios or editing of existing ones
  • Community Server function allows scenario sharing across organizations
Realistic Physiology and Controls
  • Over 200 cardiac and respiratory waveforms
  • Display 12 leads and X-rays
  • Adjustable alarms
  • Instructors see students choices
  • Multi-device control
  • Portability and multiple monitor types allow in-situ and IPE scenarios
  • Contains complete 50-scenario T3 library and 3 hours of benchmark videos
  • Includes 2 Android? tablets, router, defibrillator bag, and license

CPR Simulation

  • Heartisense™ turns this manikin into smart CPR manikin
  • Enables accurate and effective training and assessments of students and consists of apps and sensor kit that can be attached to a maniSystem can also be used on other CPR equipment you have in addition to the included manikin
  • Provides real-time feedback and a realistic interface
  • Perform compressions, ventilations, or both
  • Control up to 6 manikins at a time
  • Digitally saves all training and assessment data
  • Online LMS available
  • Each pack includes:
    • Premium compression pad
    • Control module
    • Breath modBreath module holder (A, B) punch
    • Punch guide
    • Battery (1.5V AA)
    • Quick user guide
    • Sponge (for Prestan® manikin)
  • Heartisense student* and instructor* apps

    * Student app runs on Android? or Apple® tablet/phone. Instructor app runs on control tablet provided with SimVS. Both SimVS and Heartisense? can be running at the same time.

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Part Number 11-81-3102
Country of Origin US
UNSPSC Category 42301502
Harmonization Code 9023.00.00.00
Mfg# 10131002
Warranty 3 Year Warranty Manikin/ 1 Year SIM Vis & Heartisense Warranty
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