InSight Platform Hands-Free AR System with Tablet PC and Smart Peripherals

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The First and Only Hands-Free AR System in Healthcare Education

Lumis' hands-free Augmented Reality (AR) System merges the physical environment with a digital simulation to breathe new life into medical education. The combination of advanced visualization and tactile manipulation enables students to quickly connect concept to practice and develop critical decision-making skills.

This portable AR system, combined with a comprehensive cloud-based software suite and sensor-based peripherals, result in a leading-edge educational solution: The InSight Platform™.


As the healthcare industry's only hands-free AR training solution, the InSight Platform's™ portable system elevates expectations for simulation instruction. This hardware creates a dynamic learning environment that provides a tactile and highly immersive experience. Features include:

  • Works with nearly any manikin, simulator, or a flat surface
  • Portable system requires little to no infrastructure setup
  • Allows for full immersion while leaving hands free for tactile interaction with the manikin, without the restriction of a headset
  • Advanced visualization and 360° views of the anatomy at an organ level enables students to see anatomical structures that are not readily apparent to the naked eye
  • X-ray vision helps students look under the surface and dig deeper to identify critical structures and spatial relationships between them
  • Enhances team-based learning via the enabling of nuanced, non-verbal communication


Lumis' cloud-based software suite puts expertly developed curriculum content in the hands of students - anywhere, and at any time. Self-guided learning modules with built-in proficiency metrics promote independent learning and reduce the burden on the instructor and institution. Features include:

  • Courses developed by subject matter experts
  • Easily track student progress with built-in data analytics, customizable proficiency metrics, and utilization reports
  • Reinforce learning and measure comprehension with course-specific quizzes and real-time feedback
  • 24/7 Access to learning content enables classroom or remote learning
  • Updates and customer support
  • Completely customizable platform to suit your program's needs

Add-Ons and Customization:

Part of what makes the InSight Platform™ so effective is the ability of its core technology to be fully customizable to fit the size, capacity, and training needs of any institution. The system can grow with your program, budgets, and requirements.

Custom add-ons (purchase separately) include:

  • Additional software license tiers
  • Additional customer support tiers
  • Additional Smart Peripherals™
  • Simulated medication refills
  • Course authoring toolkit: customize content to fit the needs of your curriculum
  • Training sessions
  • Much more

The Lumis InSight Platform™ Includes:

  • Hands-free AR system with integrated tablet PC installed with Lumis licensed software
  • Sensor-based Smart Peripherals™ allow measurement of actions while providing real-time actionable feedback to refine fundamental clinical concepts
    • Smart IV Sleeve™ - Enables administration of simulated drugs to better understand dosing practices and observe normal and abnormal physiological effects on anatomy
    • Smart Stethoscope™ - Use on any manikin while performing patient assessment to listen to lung, heart, or bowel sounds
    • Smart Scalpel™ - Enables virtual dissection and anatomy exploration
    • Smart Ultrasound™ - Use on most manikins to visualize simulated ultrasound images for developing foundational skills in ultrasound-guided procedures
    • Smart Airway™ - Tracks insertion of common airway devices to measure proficiency while performing airway interventions
    • Smart CPR™ - Use on most manikins to learn the correct administration of CPR
    • Smart Needle™ - Use on most manikins independently or with the Smart Ultrasound probe to develop foundational skills in procedures involving needle insertion
  • Starter simulated drug package: (2) boxes of (50) 10mL prefilled vials
  • NOTE: Manikin not included

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Part Number 11-88-2779
Country of Origin US
UNSPSC Category 42301501
Harmonization Code 9023.00.00.00
Mfg# 11-88-2779
Warranty 1 Year Warranty
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