12-81-8306 RealCare Baby® 3 -Asian

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The original manikin that simulates a baby?s varying needs! Take the glamour out of teen pregnancy and demonstrate the realities of the real world to your students.

Why Nasco?s Ready-or-Not Tots® are the best:

  • Offer three different tending programs typical of most babies, to simulate normal baby-tending needs along with fussy periods in each program.
  • Provide programmed tending events that are unpredictable to the student, but easy for the teacher to monitor, unlike other simulators.
  • Tots cry, coo, and burp in response to appropriate care. Programs are 48 hours in length and run continuously.
  • Includes a demo option.
  • Demand student?s attention for periods of 5 minutes to 30 minutes for each tending occurrence. There are 25-
  • 27 tending occurrences within each 48-hour time frame (for a total of 7 hours of care).
  • Provide teacher with complete control of the child care experience.
  • Includes a panic key for quieting difficulties without discontinuing the entire simulation.
  • Alert teacher to a student?s abuse, panic, or tampering with the control box.
  • Newborn-size doll represents a baby of a teen mom - 5 lbs. 8 oz., 20 in. long.
  • Anatomically correct.
  • You never have to worry if students neglected the manikin. Ready-or-Not Tot® uses set programs so the teacher always knows when the manikin required care. Student response to the manikin?s needs are easily checked using the template provided.
  • Comes complete with one set of student keys, one set of teacher keys, reproducible parental consent form/permission slip, reproducible student response sheet, teacher correction template, diaper, 9V battery, and instructions
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Part Number 12-81-8306-BLK
Country of Origin US
UNSPSC Category 42301504
Harmonization Code 9023.00.00.00
Mfg# WA19646
Warranty 1 Year Warranty
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