BD™ E-Z Scrub™ Preoperative Surgical Scrub Brush 107 with 4% CHG

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Teach proper hand-scrubbing techniques for surgical environments with this scrub brush, which contains a 4-percent CHG solution.

  • CHG
  • Polyethylene soft bristles enhance mechanical action while reducing skin irritation.
  • Soft sponge provides gentle cleaning on irritated areas or when firm mechanical action is not required.
  • Ergonomic brush design allows greater user comfort and effectiveness.
More Information
Part Number 08-02-32
Country of Origin US
UNSPSC Category 42295408
Harmonization Code 9023.00.00.00
Mfg# 371073
Old Item 08-15-32N
Warranty No Warranty
08-02-32.pdf (2.14 MB)
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