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Videos Provide:

  • Closed Caption
  • Concise demonstrations
  • Compassionate interactions
  • Bonus instructional features
  • Safe and competent care tips

Our Training Product Benefits:

  • Enhance caregiver competency with safe and proper care techniques modeled in every video
  • Train new and current care givers
  • Reduce lost time related to staff injury and decrease workman?s compensation claims
  • Improve patient care quality and operational efficiency
  • Reduce supervisor's training time
  • Allow supervisor's to monitor and assess student skill levels with quizzes and checklists provided
  • Decrease medical liability costs

Patient Benefits

  • Improve quality patient care
  • Prevent costly infections and improve patient care outcomes
  • Decrease patient stay time
  • Decrease preventable readmission
  • Decrease healthcare facility acquired conditions

Learn, from nurses, bathing and personal care techniques demonstrated on real people. Watch caregivers provide a complete shower, tub bath and bed bath while demonstrating proper body mechanics. Reduce the risk of infection and skin breakdown with instruction on proper care techniques. Other skills included on this DVD are nail care, foot care, placement of anti-embolism stockings, hearing aide placement, dressing a patient with an affected side, and making an occupied bed. This video utilizes close ups, slow motion and extensive explanation on the importance of proper technique to enhance patient care outcomes. This DVD set includes 18 training videos.

Included In The Bathing and Personal Care DVD:


    • Shower - Learn the proper techniques for showering a patient from start to finish. This includes hair washing, perineal care, total body cleansing, and transfers on and off the shower chair using a gait belt. Keep caregivers and patients safe in the shower.
    • Tub Bath - Learn how it assist a patient with bathing while they are in a bath tub. View how to help a patient bathe while promoting dignity and independence.
    • Bed Bath - Observe a bed bath on a female patient that is unable to assist or get out of bed while utilizing techniques to help keep skin healthy and intact.

    Personal Care

    • Nail Care - View nail care on an elderly male patient as his nails are soaked, cleaned with and orange stick and filed.
    • Foot Care - Watch foot care on a patient who is sitting up in a chair with his foot in a basin. His foot is washed, rinsed, dried and lotion is applied.special care is taken to inspect his foot for anything unusual.
    • Anti-embolism Stockings Learn the proper technique applying an anti-embolism stocking while a patient is in bed, ensuring for comfort and a wrinkle-free finish.
    • Hearing Aide - Observe a caregiver demonstrate how to check a hearing aide battery to ensure that it is working and how to place it into a patients ear.
    • Dressing - Watch as a male patient, with an affected side, is dressed and assisted into his wheelchair. The dressing takes place in the bed and in the wheelchair. The patient is also assisted putting on a pull-up brief. Proper body mechanics is modeled as the patient is transferred with a gaitbelt.
    • Occupied Bed - Observe a complete bed change while the patient stays in bed. The importance of patient comfort during and after the procedure is highlighted during this video.
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