Elevate Healthcare Juno Clinical Skills Manikin, Complete Configuration, Dark or Medium Skin Tone

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Juno is a modern adult manikin designed to meet educational requirements for clinical nursing skills, from task training through advanced patient care scenarios. Intended to help deliver consistent training while developing critical thinking skills, Juno offers true mobility, ease of use, and a contemporary look and feel for a fully immersive learning experience.

Juno is offered in three distinct packages (Base, Live, and Complete) to meet a wide range of instructional needs and budgets. The Complete configuration includes all features found in the Juno Live configuration, plus a tablet with software for thorough instructor control.

Features Include:

  • CAE Juno wireless and tetherless manikin, available in either medium or dark skin tone
  • Easily interchangeable male and female gender configurations; chest skin, genitalia, and wig kit included
  • IV arm
  • Instructor-driven CAE Maestro software platform with one standalone license. Maestro is a tablet-based, user-friendly software interface that can be operated on the fly allowing instructors to manipulate vital signs and patient states within seconds. Maestro also includes pre-programmed Simulated Clinical Experiences.
  • 10 Simulated Clinical Experiences:

    • Chronic heart failure exacerbation
    • Gastrointestinal bleed secondary to esophageal varices
    • Skills validation
    • Asthma management of patient in home care setting
    • Postoperative care of the patient with complications: pneumonia
    • Suctioning and tracheotomy care with hypoxia
    • Basic assessment of the hip replacement patient
    • Postoperative care of the patient with a ruptured diverticulum
    • Seizure disorder and moderate learning disability
    • Dementia and urinary tract infection in a patient with DNR orders
  • Electronic user guide
  • EPack: NIBP arm and electronics
  • Software-compatible tablet controller


  • Realistic articulation
  • Range of motion in hips, knees, ankles, shoulders, elbows, and wrist
  • Cervical motion for practice of patient stabilization


  • Oral and dental hygiene
  • Nasal packing
  • Bag-valve-mask (BVM) ventilation
  • Nasopharyngeal and oropharyngeal airway placement
  • Endotracheal tube placement
  • Tracheostomy tube placement
  • Endotracheal tube and tracheostomy tube suctioning with fluids


  • Defibrillation and cardioversion via software
  • 4-lead ECG monitoring with real equipment
  • 12-lead dynamic ECG display


  • Unilateral blood pressure measurement by auscultation and palpation
  • Bilateral carotid pulses (manual)
  • Unilateral radial and brachial pulses with programmable intensities
  • Unilateral subclavian catheter insertion for care and maintenance


  • Nasogastric tube insertion and gastric lavage and gavage with fluids
  • Ostomy care and irrigation of a variety of configurable stomas
  • Enema administration with fluids

Medication Administration

  • Eye and ear irrigation
  • Six intramuscular sites for medication administration in bilateral deltoids, bilateral vastus lateralis, ventrogluteal and dorsogluteal sites


  • Urinary catheterization with fluids
  • Interchangeable genitalia

Vascular Access

  • Unilateral IV cannulation at antecubital and dorsum of hand
  • Fluid and medication administration
  • Blood draw with vacuum sealed blood collection system
  • Ultrasound training module insertion for venous and arterial cannulation (optional)


  • Auscultation of normal and abnormal heart, lung, and bowel sounds
  • Prerecorded speech and vocal sounds
  • Bidirectional audio communication between manikin and operator

Juno Manikin Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 64” H x 20.5” W x 10” D
  • Weight: approx. 50 lbs., varies depending on options
  • AC power input: AC 115-230VAC, 50/60 Hz
  • One-year warranty
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Part Number 11-81-5870-DARK
Country of Origin US
UNSPSC Category 42301503
Harmonization Code 9023.00.00.00
Mfg# JUN-300-DARK
Old Item 11-81-5870
Warranty 1 Year Warranty
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